Fall 2013 Class Begins!

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We kicked off our Fall 2013 in style at the Centre for Social Innovation. This is an incredible collaborative space in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood. The class covered the basics: ISO, Aperture, Shutter speed, and basic photography history.  At the end we still had time to get in some hands-on practice.  Even if you are not enrolled in our Fall 2013 class, we still invite you to participate in this week’s homework assignment.

“Take nine photos (three of each) that show your understanding of ISO, Aperture (f/stop), and Shutter Speed.  Write an explanation for each photo of what stylistic choice you were trying to achieve (short depth of field, motion blur, light trails, etc.) and what settings you used to achieve this and why?” Email your homework to participate@ourmoments.org


Free photography class

2013 Fall Class 1-1-2

2013 Fall Class 1-1-3

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2013 Fall Class 1-1

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Free photography class