Free Photography Education For All.

What is Moments?

Moments is a registered 501c3 not for profit organization that provides free photography education to the New York City community.  Our mission is simple “free photography education for all”.  Moments is a program that allows anyone the opportunity to capture their moment and share it with the world.  At the completion of the program students will have created a body of work that expresses a part of themselves, we ask that each student write a description of the series and what it means to them.  We hold a gallery event after each class comes to completion where we auction the art work and celebrate our achievements.  Sign up on our mailing list to be informed of these and other events.

What do we do?

We work with the community and provide free classes every week. Our specially trained educators follow our 10-class curriculum and give every student technical instruction, personal attention, and the opportunity to explore their creativity in a safe environment. Students complete assignments throughout the course to build their skills and develop their eye, and present their favorite work in a gallery show and sale at the end of the program.  We also work with community organizations to provide free one day classes to share the gift of photography with as many people as possible.

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Our Vision:

We envision a creative learning environment that is inspiring and fulfilling for students and mentors, and that gives back to the community at large.

Our core values:

  • Accessible: Our program and access to our cameras will always be free.
  • Open minded: We will always provide a safe environment for learning and creative exploration.
  • Invested: We will always give back to the community, from mentorship, to donations, to the schools where we teach.