We frequently get asked the same questions so hopefully this will help

Is everyone who applies automatically accepted into the class?

Unfortunately not, for our fall 2013 class we received over 250 applications for 12 spaces. It is highly selective so make sure your application stands out!

I don’t see the application. I just see a blank page!

The application is a modified google document in an iFrame. Your browser might be blocking it, if so here is the dedicated page. Application

This is a fantastic idea. Do you need more mentors/teachers/leaders? I’m somewhat qualified and I’d be happy to help?

We are always looking for volunteers, please contact Michelle, who runs our outreach program. michelle@ourmoments.org

 Darn, we need our own camera =[

Sorry, Unfortunately we currently do not have the funding to provide cameras to the class, hopefully we will soon!

How do I donate, and do you accept used photography equipment?

You can Donate Online Here, and yes we also accept used photography equipment! You can contact michelle@ourmoments.org and she will be able to help you.

Does it matter what kind of camera it is ?

The camera doesn’t really matter to us. We only ask that you bring a digital camera with manual controls.

I didn’t get accepted for a previous class, can I reapply for the next session?

Yes, you can always reapply! If you don’t like your application you can always fill out another one before the deadline.